What are Essential Oils?

 Essential oils are naturally occurring, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the plant. When these oils are extracted, they can be used by themselves or blended with other oils to increase emotional and physical wellness. When oils are properly extracted with no additives, they have the unique ability to benefit people in all areas of life. 


How can I use Essential Oils?

 Essential oils are very simple to use. Each oil can be used in at least one or more ways:

  • Aromatic: This is the process of diffusing the essential oils into the air. Using essential oils aromatically can be very stimulating, calming and soothing. It can also cleanse the air of unwanted odors and help to purify the air you are breathing. 
  • Internal: This is the process of using the oils in a way that they are being ingested. Essential oils can be used to add flavor to your recipes or can help improve the taste of beverages. For example: a drop of lemon not only adds a fresh citrus taste to your drink but also helps to cleanse your body. 
  • Topical: This is the process of using oils topically, allowing them to be absorbed into your skin. Essential oils are best applied to the skin combined with a carrier oil. This allows you to cater to your own level of skin sensitivity.


Why Use Essential Oils?

 Doterra essential oils can be used in all areas of your life:

  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Live a more natural lifestyle
  • Use oils to help with conditions such as depression, anxiety or digestive discomforts
  • If you are an expecting mother or mother of young children, oils can assist with child birth, recovery, and the postpartum period as well as colic in babies, lack of or over abundance of breastmilk, etc. 
  • Natural remedies to colds, coughs and viruses
  • If you live an active lifestyle, oils can help with muscle discomfort or soreness before and after strenuous workouts
  • Can help relieve joint and muscle pain for those who suffer from arthritis
  • Can help relieve acne and blemishes for teenagers or those who suffer from conditions such as severe acne
  • Can help relive headaches and help assist with drowsiness or those who suffer from lack of sleep


Why is Certified Pure Tested Grade Important?

 Did you know that Doterra oils are Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils? This means their essential oils are pure, natural, aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants that do NOT contain fillers or artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities and are free of contaminants or other chemical residues. 

 Why is this so important? Assuring the presence of the oils’ active compounds at the right levels is necessary to guarantee safety and effectiveness when using the oils. Doterra’s oils are subject to rigorous testing standards to ensure the proper chemical composition. Doterra oils are cross tested using Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography to ensure the proper purity and potency of each batch.



Interested in Becoming a Member?

 Becoming a member is very simple! Becoming a member allows you to purchase oils for your family and their day to day needs. It allows you to slowly build your essential oil collection. 

 The Doterra membership is a yearly wholesale membership costing $42 for your initial sign up and $30 for every year after that you decide to remain a member. As a member you have the opportunity to benefit from several different rewards programs that will help you increase the amount of product you receive and decrease your product expenses. 

 One example of the rewards programs offered by Doterra is the Loyalty Rewards Program. For each oil purchased you will receive a percentage of product points. After accumulating so many points, you may then use your points to purchase product. It’s that easy! 

 Perhaps you are a stay at home mom and would like to earn a little extra income on the side. Doterra also offers a Wellness Advocate Membership allowing you to buy and sell! 

 For more information on how you can become a Doterra user please head over to our contact page and send us a message on how we can help you get started!!


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