Heidi's Birth Story


Click here to watch Heidi's Birth Story: http://vimeo.com/246813491


On October 6th, in the wee hours of the morning I got "the message." It's one of my favourite messages I get from my clients, "Hey Kayla, I think I am in labour. Contractions have been steady now for a few hours and are progressing." Even though I often get these messages in the wee hours of the night I am always overwhelmed with excitement that another beautiful baby will be born soon!

I arrived at Heidi's home at 3:30am, where all was quiet and peaceful. Heidi continued to labour through the night in the comfort of her own home. I watched and photographed as Heidi's husband, Mike, continued to support her and help her through her contractions. One contraction at a time they got through it together. Through love and words of encouragement, Mike supported Heidi through each stage of labour. 



Once a mom, always a mom...

Around 6am Heidi's mom arrived, giving Heidi extra support as her labour continued to progress. I was honoured to witness one of the most beautiful mother/daughter bonds. As mother's we cherish this bond. We hold our children when they are hurting and wipe away their tears. We encourage them when they are at their weakest point. We journey with them in life, each step of the way and let them know we will never leave their side. 



And in an instant she was born...

Soon it was time to call the midwives. A little after 7am the Midwives arrived and began to set up and prepare for the arrival of Heidi & Mike's beautiful baby. Heidi continued to progress through her labour with the help of her mother and husband. At exactly 8:47am Heidi and mike welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Poppy Harlowe, weighing 7lbs 9 oz. 



Welcome to the world Poppy! 

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