When you get engaged you hire an Engagement Photographer. When you are expecting a baby you hire a Maternity/Newborn Photographer. When you get married you hire a Wedding Photographer. When you have your baby, why not hire a Birth Photographer? 

When big events come around it is natural for us to want to capture each moment so we can cherish all of the memories forever and never forget. When we are planning our big day, we want to have everything perfect! We pick a date, book a venue, we find someone to preform the ceremony, we have flowers and decor designed, we find that perfect dress, we book our honeymoon and pack our bags, we plan, plan, plan. We want everything to be ready for the big day. Much like a wedding, we plan for the birth of our unborn child. We find out their due date, we decide if we want a hospital birth or a home birth, we decide on who we would like to deliver our baby, we design a nursery, we find that perfect first outfit to put them in or bring them home in, we book our maternity leave and pack the hospital bag, we plan, plan, plan. So why not hire a Birth Photographer?

For many of us it's the unknowns and uncertainty that comes with birth. Maybe you are a first time mother and unsure what to expect so you prefer to not have a photographer capturing moments you don't really know are even going to happen or not. Maybe this is your second, third, forth or fifth baby and you know exactly what to expect and don't want to be photographed looking like a hot mess! Or maybe it's neither, maybe your partner is uncertain about having a photographer in the room or wishes to keep it a private and intimate moment between the two of you? So why hire a Birth Photographer?

Hiring a Birth Photographer means you are capturing your birth story. You are choosing to document one of the biggest and most important moments in your life; your entrance into parenthood. Hiring a Birth Photographer means you will have someone who is familiar with the birthing experience, an extra person to journey with you. Hiring a Birth Photographer allows both yourself and your partner to be at ease, knowing you don't have to scramble for your camera or cell phone as you try to capture your baby's entrance into the world. It allows your partner to focus more on your needs as a birthing mother and allows your partner to be more actively involved in the birth. Having a Birth Photographer also means you are able to reflect on your birth story, and will have a clearer understanding of the events that occurred during your birth. Many mothers find time becomes warped and their memory very blurred during the birth of their child. Having a Birth Photographer to capture all of the fine details of your birth story means that you no longer miss those precious little moments. 

What if your birth does not go as planned? Maybe you need to have a c-section or perhaps baby is born premature and needs to be taken to the NICU immediately. Your Birth Photographer is able to remain with you throughout your entire journey. Depending on the hospital, your photographer may be granted permission into the operating room. In the event that a mother needs to be sedated for the c-section, your photographer is able to capture baby's first hour of life while mom is in recovery. And what about those itty bitty premies or the little ones being brought to the NICU? Your photographer is able to go with your baby to the NICU and continue to capture your baby's first moments until the time you are reunited with them. It is not only about capturing those precious moments you might have lost but also about having a familiar face present with your baby.

What about the intimacy of birth? The birth of your child is an extremely intimate moment. It is a mother's most vulnerable moment. Hiring a Birth Photographer is much different than inviting a friend or family member into the room. Your Birth Photographer is a trained professional with much experience in the birthing room and with health care professionals. This means, your Birth Photographer is there to strictly capture your birth story. They are not meant to interfere or intervene in anyway. They know how to work professionally with your health care providers and will often act like a fly on the wall in order to give you the privacy you require during your birth experience. Your photographer is experienced in balancing the act of photography as well as privacy and respect for the birthing mother. 

So why not hire a Birth Photographer? Have someone capture one of the biggest events in your life, document those fine details that might be forgotten otherwise, allow your partner to focus on your birthing needs and not the camera, have a familiar and experienced birth professional in case your birth does not go as planned and don't miss out on memories that you could cherish forever! One day when your little one no longer wants to hold your hand or gets on the school bus for the very first time or learns to drive a car or graduates university, you will have wished you captured the first moment you ever laid eyes on them. 

So why not hire a Birth Photographer?


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