Infertility is a difficult journey many women today experience. 1 in 4 women today experience infertility but very few feel they can be open about sharing their journey. Many feel silenced and shame, confused why everyone around them seems to be able to have babies but their journey is still ongoing.

As a Labour Doula, I have studied infertility and how it affects families today. I have studied the process of infertility clinics, the procedures and treatments involved as well as the affects it has on the everyday lives of families. I have designed the Infertility Awareness Project as a way for couples to share their journey and express the emotions they have gone through during their journey of infertility.

The Infertility Awareness Project is a fine art photography session where I capture your story through creative imagery. Together, we will create and design with you, images that will tell your story as you share the details of your experience and journey.

Your story is special and is a very important part of your journey. Help me build a supportive community for families experiencing infertility.

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