1. What is Birth Photography?

    Birth Photography is the documenting of your entire birth story through Lifestyle photography.

  2. Does a Doula replace nursing staff or health care providers?

    A Doula does NOT replace nursing staff or other health care professionals. Doulas will NOT perform any medical tasks such as checking blood pressure or temperature, providing vaginal examinations or fetal heart rate monitoring. A Doula is simply a support person who is there to provide support and comfort to the expecting mother and family.

  3. Is a Doula the same as a midwife?

    A Doula is NOT the same as a midwife. A Doula is NOT a doctor, midwife or nurse. A Doula is a support person assisting mothers with comfort and various support during labour & delivery but is NOT qualified to deliver your baby. A midwife will provide your medical and clinical care during pregnancy, will deliver your baby, and provide postpartum clinical care to you and your child.

  4. Does a Doula make decisions on your behalf?

    A Doula will NOT make decisions on your behalf. A Doula is able to enhance the communication between the mother and medical professionals and help provide a more in depth understanding of procedures and information provided to the mother by medical professionals. But by no means will your Doula make decisions for you or speak on your behalf to your medical professionals.

  5. Will having a Doula replace my partner or make them feel they are no longer needed or helpful?

    Having a Doula will NOT replace your partner, in fact your doula will be able to find different ways your partner can be a better support and help them be more engaged and involved in your birth experience.

  6. Will you support both hospital births and home births?

    Yes! I support both hospital and home births as well as water births and caesareans.

  7. If I do the majority of my labouring at home, will you come and support me at my home first?

    Yes! As your doula I will come to support you wherever you are, whether it be at home or at the hospital.

  8. What is a birth plan?

    A Birth plan is a written out plan for your birth. Your birth plan is a way to help focus on the key things that are most important to you for you to have a successful birth experience. Your birth plan will act as a guide for your partner, support persons and medical professionals.

  9. I have a planned C-section but would still like support. Can you still support me?

    Yes! I can still support you during a C-section. I can be a support during your pregnancy, during the C-section (depending on the hospital) as well as after your C-section. I am also able to provide postpartum care to help you during the recovery of your C-section.

  10. At what point will you come to support me during my labour?

    I will come meet you once active labour has been confirmed. However, in the event that you need care before the active labour stage please call immediately. Please remember to give approximately 2 hours notice so I have enough time.

  11. I am planning on being a surrogate and would like a doula. Do you support surrogates and what does the care look like? Will you provide support for the expecting parents as well?

    Yes, I do support surrogate births. When supporting a surrogate birth I will provide support primarily to the surrogate and will provide support secondarily to the expecting parents. Support will begin during the pregnancy and continue through the labour & delivery as well as the postpartum period. If possible your Doula will try to meet with both the surrogate as well as the expecting parents for a prenatal appointment to discuss care and what support will look like during the delivery.

  12. I already have children and would like labour support only. Do you offer a la carte pricing?

    Yes! For more information on pricing please head over to the Investment Page located under Doula Services, where you can find information of A La Carte Pricing and Labour Packages.

  13. What are the benefits of having a Doula?

    There are many benefits to having a doula present at your birth. A few benefits include:

    • Decreases the rate of Caesareans by 50%
    • Decreases the length of labor by 25%
    • Decreases the use of oxytocin by 40%
    • Decreases the requests for an epidural by 60%
  14. Do you provide prenatal and postpartum care?

    Yes. Prenatal and postpartum care are included in your Basic Doula Package. They are also available as individual appointments that you can add onto your packages for further care.

  15. How will you support me as a Doula while also being my Birth Photographer?

    When supporting a mom as a Doula and attending as a Birth I will discuss with you the kind of care you are expecting as well as the images you would like captured. From there, we will create a birth plan. Often during the beginning stages of labour I will be more hands on, helping mom get through contractions. However, when reaching the transition phase and the pushing stage most moms do not like to be touched and therefore, care will switch from physical support to verbal support allowing me to capture your birth while still providing care. At no point does this mean that I will not support you. Your support will always come first!

  16. I am under the age of 18 and am expecting a baby. Can a Doula still support me?

    Yes, I can support you no matter what your age. If you are under the age of 18 and expecting, we encourage you to head over to the Investment page where we provide specific care designed for women who are expecting and are 18 years of age and under.

  17. Who do you support as a Doula & Birth Photographer?

    As a Doula and Birth Photographer I support all diverse families and all circumstances. My goal is to provide support during birth no matter what the age, race, sexual orientation or background may be.

  18. I am a victim of sexual assault and am pregnant. How can a Doula be a support and benefit my birth experience?

    As someone who has experienced sexual assault myself, I understand the emotions and feelings that may come up during a situation such as this. I can help provide ongoing support through out your pregnancy and labour & delivery. I will help by being a consistent and familiar face, someone who you trust throughout the entire journey. I am able to provide resources to help with the healing process during the postpartum stages and am able to provide unbiased support and care.

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